Exactly one year ago today, we suddenly lost our youngest son Aaron.

Some of you know that everything about how I worked, thought, and planned for the future was designed around Aaron’s living for a long time. Together with my oldest son Joshua and my daughter-in-law Robin, we built my company SalesPulse so that they would be able to help support Aaron in the years to come, and I am very proud of what they’ve done in France, including the Business Club Cote d’Azur.

At the beginning of 2022, Sentia Netherlands, part of Accenture, where I worked at the time, was sold to Accenture, which gave me an opportunity to rethink how I want to live and work. In the past few months, SalesPulse has allowed me to focus my efforts on sharing knowledge and creating plans for future with great companies such as NovoServe , RoboRana Group, De Cronos Groep, The Data Agency, hallo, Clear Corporate Finance, MYOSOTIS ICT, Fullstaq, BrandPit and Feathr. Despite everything, I will look back fondly on this time – because I learned how much pleasure it gives me to share what I’ve learned and to help people and companies grow.

Now, it’s time for a new chapter. The activities in France are in good hands with Josh and Robin. I have shifted my focus to more executive work in a full-time capacity along with advisory roles and interests in select companies.

Working through Stichting Papageno in support of their big goals, I can now help give something back to people like Aaron. As a volunteer at nlgroeit, I’ll be working to help boost the ambitions of young entrepreneurs. And, to share what I can offer on a broader, more international stage, I am working on my book, Small Talk About Big Deals with the help of my American friend Kate Yandoh Harris.

Over the past 12 months, family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances have shown me what truly matters: being there when needed – and staying around because it takes longer than people think. Thank you for that.

Anyone at LinkedIn who has an idea, dream, or goal that I can help support, please reach out to me via direct message here. I welcome the opportunity to be of service because something that I know for sure – perhaps the biggest lesson of the past year, is that when you do what you can to help others, it helps you too.

Source: Edwin Kennedy

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